i am soooo unbelievably tired and i cant nap till 2:30!!! torture


i just made this video

얼반 크루넥 박시 니트


i actually dont think i posted about this lmao but i have to go home this weekend (which i wasnt planning on doing cuz theres only 2 weekends of school left and i was gonna go home the weekend of  the 2nd but yea anyways i need to get refill on my pills and my laptop is gonna get fixed!!! im still kinda annoyed but whatevs


make me choose

→ valhallasgoddess asked: Edward or Roy

Anonymous asked: makichan orz
  • what they smell like:  really expensive perfume. not cologne. like really flowery perfume
  • how they sleep (sleeping position, schedule, etc): legs and arms everywhere hair in a ponytail+hairband, he moisturizes his face every night. stays up REAL late and naps like a pro
  • what music they enjoy: quiet acoustic junk but also punk things cause he didnt rly outgrow his middle school days as much as he pretends he did. hes more alternative 
  • how much time they spend getting ready every morning: depends on how unruly his hair is that day!! maybe 10-15 minutes at most
  • their favorite thing to collect: hmm well he does like gravure magazines i guess BUT he really loves physical CDs and just regular fashion magazines. i bet he has dolls that he makes his own clothes for to practice his skill
  • left or right-handed: lefty all the way
  • religion (if any): uhhhh nothing i think
  • favorite sport: cycling obviously but aside from that he kinda likes baseball but he is mostly uncoordinated (too lanky) so he isnt particularly a fan of playing 
  • favorite touristy thing to do when traveling: he doesnt do touristy things cause he is ~too cool~ but he loves getting postcards to give to tadokoro
  • favorite kind of weather: any whether he can cycle in. hates snow and is really fond of the rain. not big on heat/humidity. spring is his favorite season
  • a weird/obscure fear they have: he is actually INCREDIBLY neat and he just cant handle it when people touch his things so his fear is that someone moves something and he cant find it
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With tears in my eyes, I begged you to stay. You said, “Hey man, I love you, but no fucking way.”

hm ok i didnt get the paragraphs i wanted to done (the religion ones) but i did my paragraph on modernity, my paragraph on buddhism, and the paragraph on the current state of women in china which is only one fewer than my like insane goal for the day was…. im trying to write the taoism one but its really hard to find info about like the main ideas